DemPro is a Community Interest Company set up to explore, develop and train a range of non-pharmaceutical interventions to support individuals and families experiencing dementia, mild cognitive impairments and associated neurological conditions such as stroke, acquired brain injury etc…

We use a range of evidenced based approaches as well as exploratory methods to develop effective interventions, useful tools and strategies.

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We develop informative and effective 'Personalised Dementia Support Profiles' for people at all stages of dementia.

Our main mechanism of learning is based around one to one and group activities. The processes we use are in their foundation a form of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, but very much directed by the individual requiring support and are completely focused on understanding the person, their goals and what is required to manage their unique long term wellbeing. Sometimes stimulation is not what is required and then we adapt to the needs of a person in the moment. Prevention is better than cure!!

Early intervention is vital!! Our system goes several steps further than CST and are suitable for all stages of dementia! 

It is never too late to take steps to manage wellbeing with positive lifestyle choices and our aim is to point to that which may benefit a person and develop it as an intervention.

Good nutrition/hydration, exercise/body movement, social interaction, laughter, mindfullness, mental stimulation and a healthy dose of autonomy, love and kindness are all vital to an individual in one way or another.

Once these needs are met as a baseline, each person then has their own needs and requirements within that to focus on. These can change over time and require continuous adaptation to suit a range of fluctuating and coexisting factors. 

We use a range of client specific and codeveloped activity plans as a way of creating relationships based on positivity, trust and respect. Activities and meaningful engagement facilitates learning and exploration into a person’s wellbeing needs from a detailed and holistic perspective.

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