It is important to note in this section that I am not a professional nutritionist or professional in the area of food nutrition. This section of our organisation is to engage in the conversation and look at the evidence that has been peer reviewed, scientifically tested and fully researched within the field of plant based nutrition. This research may vary in their methods and may or may not be widely accepted. All information or conversations around this subject are just that, an exploration of information as a baseline for people to explore and build on, or explore, adapt or reject. It is my aim to present the information I come across and find interesting in the area of plant based nutrition for anyone to view as a starting point and form their own opinion. This is in no way making a personal judgement on the ethics around food as that is unhelpful (for simply the question of the effects food has on the body) in this particular forum. It is my personal belief that a whole foods plant based diet is very healthy and nutritious, but I am aware that there has been a great deal of interesting research done on a Keto based diet for the brain. Ketosis itself is also achievable on a plant based diet, but should not be attempted without proper medical supervision. At this point I will not be reviewing this as this is definitely a discussion to be having with an experienced medical professional. I hope to have that conversation with a qualified professional at some point in the future in order to present a complete view of the nutritional possibilities for the body and different body types, but also specifically for the brain.

I have no doubt that incorporating fresh, organic whole foods into your diet is healthy for everyone and I do not know of any medical studies that as a general statement ignore the nutritional benefits of eating a wide range of whole plant foods (excluding allergies and intolerance) so whole food plant based is where we will start our exploration.

A Whole Food Plant Based Diet includes fruit, vegetables, cereals, whole wheat pasta (if tolerated) grains, legumes and beneficial fats. Foods high in anthocyanins, antioxidants, micronutrients, carbohydrates and vitamins. Highly nutritious and cleansing foods for the body. Fresh organic and enzyme rich foods fuel the body and brain. A whole food plant based diet is know to contribute to long term well being and support of physical, cognitive and emotional wellness. This does not need to be a complete immediate switch from an animal products based diet, any change made to incorporate whole plant based food will be beneficial. It is important to know how to obtaing a healthy balance in your diet when making any changes and consultation with a relevant health care profesional before making any changes is advised.

Some valuable resourcesh and links to evidence based research can be found with simple searches, but here are some to start off with.

These are are just a few of the many evidence based resources to look at when trying to confirm the validity of the recommendations of a plant based diet for optimal health.

There is no one set way that works for all and it can take a certain amount or exploring to find the right balance for your body to include all vital food groups in the right proportions, but increasing research is pointing to a Whole Plant Based Diet as being an important lifestyle choice in the prevention and cure of Dementia and many other diseases.

I will be posting Whole Food Plant Based Cookery videos on DemPro Youtube Chanel along with shopping list, recipes as tips and trick for batch cooking and creating meals for people who need soft diets or food intolerances. All recipes will be from officially recognised literature and source information will be fully provided for your reference and further reading into the science behind a whole foddering plant based diet. I will not be developing my own recipes at this point as I am not a registered nutritionist or dietitian.

All meals can be adapted to include animal products if you are cooking for both diets. It’s simple to make the plant based meal and then simply add to it for those who require it. Any increase of whole plant foods will be beneficial for health.