Future plans for our Comunity Interest Company

  • Free group Sound Healing in the community.
  • Free one to one sessions to people living with dementia.
  • Free Plant Based cooking demonstrations.
  • Free Mindfulness and Movement Sessions.
  • Possibly gaining charity status to develop the mission of research?
  • Training Development.
  • Wellness Retreats, home and abroad.
  • Workshops in Schools.


  • DemPro C.I.C Living Life Center. This Center will deliver Integrative Healing to the community and raise funds to carry out research in the area of sound, energy and vibrational medicine specifically for healing the brain. We aim to explore a range healing modalities on this endeavour, in view of finding real effective solutions for the prevention, management and cure of dementia. We are presently contacting research departments in Universities to work along side us to gather evidence to work from. 

We have a big mission, hopes and dreams and a world of exploration to do in the field of ‘whole person’ wellness, but are excited about what is to come. If you are interested in any of our information and would like to connect, please email us or call us using the details in the contact page.

To help us grow and raise awareness of our mission, please share our information with as many people as possible.