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DemPro Comunity Interest Company is a pioneering social enterprise organisation founded by Gill Irvine in 2017.

Gill has experience within the health and social care field spanning over 30 years. She has worked in all aspects of support and enablement in hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community Projects and managed Independent living sites for adults with complex disabilities and care needs.

Gill has studied with numerous independent organisations and Universities in Dementia studies, Health and Social Care and has been a qualified trainer for over 15 years. In her quest to support individuals and families experiencing dementia, Gill has successfully built and run her own private homecare company in rural communities for over 6 years.

With valuable lessons learned and the experience of putting in place real life solutions for families experiencing dementia, Gill has recognised the need for alternative interventions for individuals and families to support them through such challenging times.

The understanding of a person and their needs are at the heart of everything that is required for effective support for people. Facilitating and implementing flexible solutions for complex problems takes time, creativity and often an open mind! Gill has taken her many years of experience, academic studies and business knowledge to highlight what she believes to be a necessary approaches to empowering people to maintain autonomy in their life and maintain a good standard of wellbeing for the whole family.


We acknowledge there are lots of unknown approaches to the prevention, management and cure of certain types of dementia and we would like to create a space to explore those safely but freely in order for people to make informed choices on their own wellbeing. We would like to show the evidence based approaches as well as explore the not so widely known information that may be beneficial for the long term well being of individuals and families experiencing a cognitive decline or dementia. Dementia is not a one way fits all condition because everyone is so unique. The are some basics interventions that tend to help the majority of people but there are lots of common sense solutions that often get overlooked. There is exciting new research being done exploring many areas of health as well as preventative and restorative approaches to the brain.

We are becoming increasingly more aware that certain lifestyle factors effect the brain both positively and negatively. With further exploration of this research we can develop wholistic approaches to an individual and take control and be proactive in our imidiate and long term outcomes.

Through a variety of means such as Community Work, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, Training, This Blog/website, YouTube, Reviews and Retreats, we aim to look at many mainstream and alternative approaches to the short and long-term care of a person experiencing Dementia and their families/support network.

We will look at pointing people in the direction of additional support services that could be of help, both close to home and further afield. We review a range of things from activities, gadgets, nutritional information,  complimentary and mindful approaches to wellness, as well as community venues such as local restaurants, cafes or places to relax and socialise.  We aim to look at and review a range of support services ranging from local community groups to nursing facilities and hope to work with other organisations with a common goal of being of real value in the prevention, positive management and cure of Dementia.

DemPro C.I.C delivers a range of services within the community, one of which is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in groups or one to one. This is a set program of activities specifically designed to stimulate cognition. CST is an evidence based and non-pharmacological therapy for people experiencing dementia. This is recommended by the NHS as an effective therapy and in some cases a preferred option to chemical drugs. For further in formation on this see our CST page.

DemPro delivers activity sessions in a location of your choice (suggested time of 2 hours per session as it takes longer to set up and relax before a session in a clients home. This also takes into account the time to write reports on the seeions) Times are again client specific.

The ultimate aim of all sessions are to be of real value.  All sessions are flexible to fit the needs of the client on that day.

When working directly with people experiencing dementia, DemPro practices "Proactive Management of Dementia. 10 Elements of Self Care" (see further down this age for more information) This holistic approach has been developed by Gill Irvine to meet the needs of the person and applied with the aim of understanding the unique requirements of an individual with their short and long term wellbeing in mind. This plan complements any existing plans and naturaly incorporates into the ethos of our approach. Gill also delivers training on this (see training)

Activities we can do together are, but not limited to:

• Crafts, games, puzzles
• Afternoon tea
• Attend courses or workshops
• Outings, trips or places
• Plan and shop for weekly menu

• Organise diary and appointments
• Create activity plans
• Goal setting
• Life history work
• Support plans

Proactive Management of Dementia.
10 Elements of Self Care.

• Cognitive stimulation
• Social Interaction
• Laughter
• Time in Nature
• Movement and Exercise

• Whole Foods Plant based Lifestyle
• Spiritual Nourishment
• Mindfulness
• Health and Hygiene
• Safety and Security

Prices start from £30 per hour
with discounted rates for multiple advanced and group bookings.

DemPro would like to invite anyone with experience of dementia or cognitive impairment to help with the reviewing of local services, as well as to consult and advise on possible useful areas to explore as a community.

If interested, please contact Gill on 0151 632 2229 or 07387 269727.
I look forward to hearing from you.