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DemPro Comunity Interest Company is a pioneering social enterprise organisation founded by Gill Irvine in 2017.

Gill has experience within the health and social care field spanning over 30 years. She has worked in all aspects of support and enablement in hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community Projects and managed Independent living sites for adults with complex disabilities and care needs.

Gill has studied with numerous independent organisations and Universities in Dementia studies, Health and Social Care and has been a qualified trainer for over 15 years. In her quest to support individuals and families experiencing dementia, Gill has successfully built and run her own private homecare company in rural communities for over 7 years.

With valuable lessons learned and the experience of putting in place real life solutions for families experiencing dementia, Gill has recognised the need for alternative interventions for individuals, carers  and families to support them through such challenging times. The limitations of our present models of support for people living with dementia do not address the whole picture and therfore are often less than effective long term. 

A few years ago Gill decided to start looking at research in the areas of prevention and cure of dementia and unearthed an understanding that led her to a more holistic approach to 'Whole Person' wellness. Gill first looked at enery medicine and qualified as a Reki Practitioner as a first step. While part way through this wonderful world of energy medicine, Gill discovered sound healing and from that opened up a world of understanding about the less acknowledged in modern medicine, but vitally important systems of the body, mind and spirit. These systems can be positively influenced very effectively when understood and balanced. 

The understanding of a person and their needs are at the heart of everything that is required for effective support for people. The missguided notion that covering up a problem and hoping it will go away or waiting until it is bad enough to address is distructive and inpractical on all levels. In order to prevent illness, we must first get down to the fundamentals of who we are and start there! We are energy, light,vibration! We require balance, coherance and a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing that goes beyond someone else giving their best guess on what is wrong or how to fix us. 

Facilitating and implementing flexible solutions for complex problems takes time, creativity and often an open mind! Gill has taken her many years of experience, academic studies and business knowledge to highlight what she believes to be a necessary approaches to empowering people to have a say in their own health. This starts with the basics and works out from there. 


The modern alopathic approaches to the Healthcare model are increasingly aknowleging of the validity of alternative apporaches to health. Intergrative medicine is becoming more common place, with many Doctors themselves branching out into these alternative forms of healing to intergrate into their practices. It is almost impossibe for even the biggest sceptics to deny the scientific peir reviewed research which is using new technology to show the effectiveness of energy medicine on the body and mind.  It is now very well documented that certain lifestyle factors effect the brain both positively and negatively. With further exploration of this research we can develop wholistic approaches and support  individuals to take control and be proactive in their own outcomes.

Through a variety of means such as Community Work, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, Training, Energy Healing, Research, This Blog/website, YouTube, Reviews and Retreats, we aim to look at many mainstream and alternative approaches to the short and long-term support of a person experiencing Dementia and their families/support network. This extends to people of all ages and health to learn about prevention of illness such as dementia. 

We offer a range of group and one to one services free of charge or donation basis only as well as private one to one and group sessions in all of our services. Prices range depebding on time alocated, complexity of the therapy, location and multiple or stand alone bookings. We are a Non Profit organisation and so any profit made goes back into the DemPro mission of delivering as many free therapeutic services to the commnity as possible and researching Non-Pharaceutical way of the prevention, management and cure of Diss-Ease, specifically Dementia and neurological conditions.

Prices start from £30 per hour
with discounted rates for multiple advanced and group bookings.

DemPro would like to invite anyone with experience of dementia or cognitive impairment to help with the reviewing of local services, as well as to consult and advise on possible useful areas to explore as a community.

If interested, please contact Gill on 0151 632 2229 or 07387 269727.
I look forward to hearing from you.